RLNApps was founded in 2023 with the mission to help students worldwide pursue their educational and career goals through online learning and study abroad programs. As we’ve realized from our own experiences that navigating options for online education and international study can be an overwhelming process.

RLNApps aims to simplify this process by providing comprehensive resources and personalized guidance. On our site, students can explore detailed program profiles of top-rated online universities and study abroad providers from around the globe. We also offer a matchmaking service to help connect students with the programs best suited to their academic interests, budget, and career aspirations.

In addition to helping students directly, RLNApps works to promote accessibility and affordability in online education. We believe that access to quality learning opportunities should not be limited by geography or financial constraints. We regularly publish guides on finding scholarships, grants, and low-cost options to support this mission.

Above all, RLNApps aims to empower students to take control of their educational journey. Whether choosing between online and in-person learning, or selecting a study abroad destination, our goal is to provide the insights and tools needed to make informed choices that lead to bright futures.